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Green House Cleaning

We understand you want only the best for yourself, your family, and your pets.  We do too.  Maid In Saskatoon uses cleaners that are safe, both for us, and for our customers.  We will not subject ourselves, or our clients to anything that we believe would cause harm.  The main all purpose cleaning agent we use is actually vinegar with water.  It is a very safe alternative to hazardous and toxic cleaners.  In addition, this way we are not using ozone depleting chemicals that can damage the environment.

Sometimes we find that on the initial cleaning, stronger products are necessary, but we keep the use of these products to a minimum.

We do these things because they just make sense.  And we do them for the health and safety of ourselves and our customers.

Protecting You

We understand the level of trust that you place in us, and that your home is your most valuable possession.  

That is why we treat your home and your belongings, as well as your key or door code as carefully as if they were our own.  

Even if you aren’t home when we come to clean, you can be assured that we keep your key safe and secure throughout the cleaning process.  We appreciate the trust you place in us.  Maid In Saskatoon is licensed and Insured.  Your protection is our top priority.



Your House Cleaning Specialists